A Welcome from Alliances for Discovery

Albert Einstein once observed, “We are going to require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is going to survive.” What might constitute this “substantially new manner of thinking,” and how can we all personally and directly experience it?
This Discovery Expedition is our response to Dr. Einstein’s challenge. The goal is to explore a new and exciting frontier of Big Heart Intelligence (BHI). Together we propose to test the following proposition: Is it possible within the first 90 days of beginning our journey for each of us to enjoy four (4) personal benefit streams reflected in a measurable 10%+ gain in BHI?  Specifically:
  • Mind--a boost in creativity, especially in our capacity to discover “inter-tidal” connections between people, patterns, and events;
  • Heart—an expanding capacity to see the Big Picture and to feel the stirring of a formidable inner power
  • Hand—a developing passion for micro-philanthropy, or the art of passing on a part of our “wins” to give comfort and joy, or to lighten even in a small way the burdens of others.
  • We will also take on one other great challenge of our Age: Can we successfully demonstrate a New Model of Collaboration and Reciprocal Stewardship—where each explorer benefits, financially and in other ways, but also looks out for her or his fellow passengers, contributes imaginatively to the enhancement of the Common Platform, Codex, and the Community, and cares for and gives back to the earth?
We believe Dr. Einstein would have a twinkle in his eye on hearing of our Expedition. So we have invented a way to include him as one of our Distinguished Advisors by mapping his “wisdom genome.” To learn specifically how we do this, gentle explorer, we invite you to join and enjoy our play!

Organizational Benefits

We invite you to join a community of explorers on the vast and exciting new frontier of Big Heart Intelligence™.  BHI will upgrade the DNA of your organization, products, services, and brand for measurable, sustainable advantage.  Specifically:


Holistic Intelligence

enables senior managers to see the comprehensive Big Picture.



Innovation Integration

optimizes neural capabilities along with wisdom, balance, courage, foresight, empathy, forbearance, and other attributes of the Heart.


Connective Awareness

enhances connectivity with employees, customers, shareholders, allies, suppliers, financiers, and society at large.



Organizational Coherence

increases pattern recognition and thereby peripheral vision.



Creative Resilience

enables agile adaptation to change.



Strategic Trust

addresses the key challenge for effective collaboration.



Optimal Health

improves organizational health, happiness, balance, vitality, openness, creativity, and stress response.