AFD is a high value-added systems integrator and strategic consultancy platform

The BHI Platform is a comprehensive suite of apps that facilitate collaborative innovation, diagnostics and training, which are deployed via web, mobile, desktop, and VPN networks.

The BHI  Collaborative Innovation Practice Matrix

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BHI Explorers Wheel Basic User Experience Process:

  1. Innovation focus selection
  2. Inviting collaboration
  3. Explorers Wheel elicitation
  4. User content aggregation
  5. Problem-solution story narrative refinement
  6. Smart linking to associated open and licensed web resources
  7. Progress tracking with milestones and citations
  8. Prompted project and expression engagements
  9. Codex repository aggregation and applications

BHI Collaborative Innovation System

BHI Explorer Smart Feeds

BHI Explorers Wheel App Ecosystem

BHI Crowd Tech Integration

BHI Expert Communities

BHI Trenddex Data Tracking and Visualization

BHI Architecture Stack Diagram (restricted)

BHI Challenge Method Diagram (restricted)

BHI Underlying Platform Technologies:

  • IOS, Android mobile clients, using C/C++, OpenGL “thin” clients.
  • Desktop web browsers (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari)
  • Helper Applications (Excel, Word, PPT)
  • XML, HTTP, SOAP, SMB, NFS protocols
  • Web Services XML, HTTP, HTML5
  • Database application adaptors, XML, ODBC, mySQL