The BHI Effect can easily be measured through both qualitative and quantitative metrics.

Big Heart Intelligence structured methods, practices, and engagement platforms are so effective they will typically produce measurable results in an extremely short period - as little as a month after implementation.  Results are shown in:  

Employee Health

Employee Health-related costs decline.

Employee Loyalty

Employee Loyalty and retention financial returns increase.

Negotiation Field Notes

Artful Negotiation Field Notes will demonstrate BHI Effects almost immediately.

BHI Surveys - Vital Signs Quotient

BHI Surveys produce a Vital Signs Quotient.

Audits - Diagnostics - Roadmaps

BHI Audits and Diagnostics derive BHI Roadmap.

KPI's - Key Performance Indicators

BHI improves key performance indicators (KPIs):

Triple bottom line (financial ROI, social ROI, environmental ROI)

Core competency improvements across the organization

Peak performance optimal productive flow and processes

Emotional intelligence, and other key metrics.